Still, fuck all prisons tho

"Are Hoidal,‭ ‬the governor of one of Norway’s most humane prisons,‭ ‬has said that‭ “‬In the Norwegian prison system,‭ ‬there is a focus on human rights and respect,‭ ‬we don’t see any of this as unusual…We want to build them up,‭ ‬give them confidence through education and work and have them leave as better people.‭”  ‬Compare this to comments that reigning Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in‭ ‬1995:‭ “‬I want to make this place so unpleasant that they won’t even think about doing something that could bring them back.‭  ‬I want them to suffer,‭” ‬or NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg refusal to even consider the prospect of evacuating the prisoners of Riker’s Island‭ (‬a prison build partially on a landfill‭) ‬in the face of Hurricane’s Irene and Sandy,‭ ‬even though all other areas nearby were being evacuated.‭  ‬These are individual examples but they are indicative of the overall political and social frame of mind that we have about rehabilitation here in the US.”

When you start talking about a surveillance state, certainly on an overall level I get worried and suspicious about it. But I also think, “Welcome to the Indian world!” All of a sudden all these white folks are feeling a slight taste of what it is to be black, living where they’re being watched and judged and potentially a suspect. But of course the government has been spying on us. I was not shocked by the report. In fact, I was shocked that it wasn’t bigger.

Sherman Alexie, on surveillance

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Ernest Hemingway

One hot evening in Padua they carried him up onto the roof and he could look out over the top of the town. There were chimney swifts in the sky. After a while it got dark and the searchlights came out. The others went down and took the bottles with them. He and Luz could hear them below on the balcony. Luz sat on the bed. She was cool and fresh in the hot night.

Luz stayed on night duty for three months. They were glad to let her. When they operated on him she prepared him for the operating table; and they had a joke about friend or enema. He went under the anaesthetic holding tight on to himself so he would not blab about anything during the silly, talky time. After he got on crutches he used to take the temperatures so Luz would not have to get up from the bed. There were only a few patients, and they all knew about it. They all liked Luz. As he walked back along the halls he thought of Luz in his bed.

Before he went back to the front they went into the Duomo and prayed. It was dim and quiet, and there were other people praying. They wanted to get married, but there was not enough time for the banns, and neither of them had birth certificates. They felt as though they were married, but they wanted everyone to know about it, and to make it so they could not lose it.

Luz wrote him many letters that he never got until after the armistice. Fifteen came in a bunch to the front and he sorted them by the dates and read them all straight through. They were all about the hospital, and how much she loved him and how it was impossible to get along without him and how terrible it was missing him at night.

After the armistice they agreed he should go home to get a job so they might be married. Luz would not come home until he had a good job and could come to New York to meet her. It was understood he would not drink, and he did not want to see his friends or anyone in the States. Only to get a job and be married. On the train from Padua to Milan they quarreled about her not being willing to come home at once. When they had to say good-bye, in the station at Milan, they kissed good-bye, but were not finished with the quarrel. He felt sick about saying good-bye like that.

He went to America on a boat from Genoa. Luz went back to Pordonone to open a hospital. It was lonely and rainy there, and there was a battalion of arditi quartered in the town. Living in the muddy, rainy town in the winter, the major of the battalion made love to Luz, and she had never known Italians before, and finally wrote to the States that theirs had only been a boy and girl affair. She was sorry, and she knew he would probably not be able to understand, but might some day forgive her, and be grateful to her, and she expected, absolutely unexpectedly, to be married in the spring. She loved him as always, but she realized now it was only a boy and girl love. She hoped he would have a great career, and believed in him absolutely. She knew it was for the best.

The major did not marry her in the spring, or any other time. Luz never got an answer to the letter to Chicago about it. A short time after he contracted gonorrhea from a sales girl in a loop department store while riding in a taxicab through Lincoln Park.


Anonymous asked:

I saw that you were offended by a beautiful woman dressing in Native American outfit. I want to know if you are offended when a clown dresses like a cowboy? Or if on Saturday Night Live a comedian dresses as a white business man and acts a fool? Your outrage at Heidi Klum tells me you do not have much to do other than look for people offending you. Also, you are no more a NAtive American than I am, that term is offensive to me as I was born in America just as you.

ruthhopkins answered:

Wow, you obviously didn’t read my column about it. If you’re literate with basic reading comp skills go ahead and check it out:

My column clearly states why Heidi Klum putting non-Native models in redface with warbonnets and peace pipes is not only offensive but just plain wrong. Dressing up like another race is well, racist. There’s no comparing donning redface with dressing up like a clown or a cowboy. The latter two are professions. Native people are not costumes you can take on and off. I can’t believe how ignorant some of y’all are where you can’t understand that.

Furthermore sacred objects like warbonnets and the pipe (canupa) have specific cultural and spiritual meaning. Wearing a warbonnet is similar to wearing a Medal of Honor. If you aren’t a northern plains Native chief or warrior who’s earned a warbonnet by committing incredible acts of valor and self sacrifice for your people you have no right to wear it. We pray with the pipe. It was a gift to us from White Buffalo Calf Woman, a holy deity of the Oceti Sakowin people.

You appropriators have gotten away with disrespecting my ancestors and my people for too long and we won’t tolerate it anymore. You will be held accountable. Stop appropriating, stop exploiting cultures you don’t understand. Stop objectifying Native women and sexualizing us.

Your shit’s weak, at least come at me with a cogent argument. GTFOH.